Pronto In Action

The Aether Network includes an Aether Edge at the Stanford Flight Lab supporting active research on coordinated drone networks. The following demonstrations highlight successful completion of the first phase of Project Pronto, which concluded in April of 2021.

Pronto Network Physical Elements

An overview of all the elements that comprise the Aether Edge built in the Stanford Flight Room on the Stanford Campus which was used to create the drone demo for the first phase of Project Pronto.

Automated CI/CD Tool Chain for Deployment

The Aether automated, intelligent CI/CD tool chain is used to set up and provision all Aether edge components and connect it to Aether Central

CI/CD Pushes Software to Live Network

A new software build is pushed to the live Aether Edge site using automated CI/CD tooling. Updates are applied while drones remain operational, enabling new features, critical fixes and security updates without disrupting network operations.

Automated Path Verification Provides Resilience against DoS and Exfiltration Attacks

Prevents any packet from taking an incorrect network path by applying real-time verticiation in the data plane

Automated Fault Management & Recovery in Action

Pronto closed-loop control thwarts a DoS attack.

Aether Centralized Cloud-Based Network Management

Centralized management and monitoring of all Aether and Pronto Edges provides visibility into the operations of each Aether edge including health and workloads as well as logging and configurable alert conditions.